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Plea Deal For Bobby Shmurda Prison Shank Case Cuts Him Couple Years

According to TMZ Bobby Shmurda lawyer just found a loophole in his case regrading a prison shank. He was sentence to seven years for conspiracy back in October, the new case can add more years to his charge if he doesnt ple guilty. Police found a shank on him during the time he was waiting to be sentenced for conspiracy case.

They are giving Shmurda a chance to ple guilty to lesser his charge of “attempted promoting prison contraband.” If he does, he could get one to four years. If he accepts the deal, the sentence will run concurrently, that is, it will be served at the same time he’s serving his current seven year bid. It’s hard to call anything about the case of Bobby Shmurda a “win,” but this seems damn close.

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