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Jail Beating Leads To $36 Million Verdict In "Excessive Force" Case!

Thursday, they ruled on a $36.6 million verdict to pay William Jennings damages after he was brought in for drunken driving back in 2010. Jennings' attorney, Kevin Ernst, says his client was beaten, hit with a stun-gun and pepper sprayed. Five sheriff's deputies were named in the lawsuit. "They put a spit hood over his face then they strapped him in a restraint chair face down," Ernst said.Ernst says Jennings was then left alone, injured for two hours.Ernst says a federal jury was shocked by the video when it was shown in court. So much so that on Thursday, they ruled on a verdict to award Jennings more than $36 million in damages. Genesee County and the Office of the Genesee County Sheriff are not named in the suit. It's unclear at this point who will have to pay out damages as the appeals process moves forward. Posted by Andrew

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