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Pimp C Hated Andre 3000 Verse On "Intl'l Players Anthem"

Details of the late Pimp C thoughts on the classic song "Int'l Players Anthem" featuring Outkast has come out, he was not feeling Andre 3000’s verse to UGK single “Int’l Players Anthem.” A&R Jeff Sledge worked with the legend and told us what was said. lThe problem wasn't the verse but the changes Andre made to the instrumental.

Sledge told The Real on their A Waste Of Time podcast “It’s acapella and stuff. When André sent his piece back and had no drums, Chad was pissed off. He was like ‘Man, fuck Andre. How the fuck he gonna send my shit back and take my drums out? Man, I’m motherfucking Pimp C. Take my motherfucking drums out. Fuck that!”

Sledge said, Pimp C felt he didnt have to change the beat and tole Pimp C that it was simply Three Stacks preference to not use drums.

Sledge continued. “He was up at the office going on a rant,” . He was going off about Andre taking Andre had a thing. And even if you listen to Andre’s stuff now, he has a thing. "He doesn’t really like drums under his stuff much because he wants to hear what he’s saying.”

“So, I was like, ‘Chad, hold up fam,” Sledge said. “Let’s rock it like that because when Andre’s doing acapella and then when the beat drops, that’s when your verse drops. And then you, your verse is gonna lift the record up because now the beat is rocking and your verse is kicking. And he’s like ‘Alright, Jeff. I’m gonna give it a shot. If it fucks up, it’s on you.”

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