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Vic Mensa Thinks Lil Wayne’s Black Lives Matter Comments are “Ignorant, Selfish and Isolated”

Vic Mensa controversial song "16 Shots" is now out with a video and he continues to speak his mind. The video reflects the Chicago shooting of Lequan McDonald, a teen who was shot 16 times by police in 2014. The song is off his EP "Theres A Lot Going On".

Here is what Vic Mensa had to say about the video and Lequan McDonald

"This record is like self-defense," Mensa said of his new EP. "Because to me, Laquan McDonald represents Emmett Till, which represents every name down the line and since then a lot of things have changed, but one main thing hasn't changed is that our lives are not respected."

Vic had some words about Weezy interview with ABC Nightline. Lil Wayne stated that he can not connect with the Black Lives Movement, and that white people love a rich nigga like his bitchs love him and that is what matters to him. This is what Vic had to say about Wezzy.

“I think it’s a very ignorant, selfish & isolated position to take. because even someone as big as Wayne is just a black man minus all of his ice and fame, and can be treated the same way.

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