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Soulja boy coolin in chiraq w 600 breezy

Soulja Boy is on the road in Chicago, where he connected with 600breezy who has become a rasing superstar. 600breezy first hit the scene when his single "Do something" was buzzing on the internet and caught the ear of Drake. Drake reach out to 600breezy and they have been big hommie, lil hommie ever since.

Breezy meets up with Soulja Boy as he is caught up in a beef with Lil Yachty. He ask the rapper to take down a picture of himself with India Love on Instagram. Soulja boy later posted videos telling Lil Yachty he will slap whim when he see him. Yachty said fuck soulja boy live on stage during a pack show. Today Soulja Boy told him to pull up am in Chiraq.

When Soulja Boy come in town you know it's time to work, there's no word on what the two guys are working on but Soulja Boy is now among the 600 savages.

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