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Lil Flip Homie (J Rock killed)... Did The Beef With Ewol and Reckless Turn More Deadly

The beef between Lil Flip and Rico Reckless and Ewol turn deadly yesterday. News has spread that J Roc a friend of Lil Flip was shot and killed. The beef went viral when Ewol didnt like what was said during a interview with Ayoo Kid and Lil Flip. Ewol was so upset that him and his goons set up the two and embarrassed them on camera including jumping Lil Flip.

The beef started from some street business. Few days after they jumped Flip him and his crew including J Roc talked about the situation. J Roc was one of the ones who claim that they had taken revenge on someone of Ewol's group. J Roc was shot and killed, died on Oct 26, 2016, Lil Flip hasnt said anything on social media.With so much beefs in the city among different drill rappers when will it stop

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