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Chicago's Trail (Buttpack) Caught In Gang Cross Fire Live On Facebook Reporting The Violence

A Chicago man known for bringing raw footage of violence in Chicago was in the middle of a shooting on Facebook Live. Untrail Boyd has been filming and uploading videos to Facebook for the last 6 years. The first video he uploaded to his current Facebook page, Untrail said his original page with years of footage was erased by Facebook after his page was suspended for a unknown reason.

Since starting a new page Untrail slogan #buttpack has become a household name among the city citizens and the Chicago Police Department. Trail buttpack image always been about entertainment. From his first videos he always talked to local neighbors, local businesses, problems in the area, joking and making everyone laugh around him.

Untrail used his popularity to speak his own personal feelings about things in Chicago inner neighborhoods. He gives his audience raw footage of the violence in Chicago, that effects the communities. Trail reaches the scenes of the violent shootings as they happen. The Chicago police has become familiar with his face and his work. Untaril cover a lot of stories that doesn't make the news and gives you the none political news as details develop.

During one of his recent videos posted on his Facebook page (Untrail Boyd) Oct 23, 2016 he was giving his insight into his experience of filming in his neighborhood when someone opened fire. The sound of 5-7 gun shots can be heard, after shots fired you can hear him asking did anybody get hit, as cars hunk their horn and hit the breaks bringing cars to a fast and complete stop. From the post it said a 14 year old boy was shoot during that drive by as he filmed.

Don't forget to go follow him for entertainment and to catch up on the violence going on in Chicago..... (Untrail Boyd) on Facebook

Here are some of Untrail live videos

7 people shot 10/14/16 -- Filmed at St Sinai Hospital where some victims drove there self after being shot. A single shooting that injured 7 people

Cook County Brawl 10/26/16 -- 8 inmates stabbed and one guard

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