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Zaytoven Speaks On Never Working With Drake In Person and Much More

Zaytoven sat down for a podcast with Combat Jack where he was asked how was it working with mega star Drake. Drake is a busy man, its hard for him to have time to meet with every producer that has music for him. Zaytoven opened up on working with drake and much more here is a lit snippet of what Zaytoven had to say.

“When you work with Drake you don’t really work with Drake,” he says in the above clip, starting at around the 2:30 mark. “You send him the song, he rap on it then y’all done worked together. So it ain’t like me and him sitting in the studio. Nah, it ain’t that. But you always impressed to hear what he done to the track or he might text you and say, ‘Boy I just did something amazing to it.’ So that’s enough for me. I ain’t got to be in the studio with homie. Long as he send me back like ‘Zay this some crack right here,’ we work together.”

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