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Young Hoffa ft Yizzle Gang Bubu and MVP

Young Hoffa drops his latest video "IM Still" featuring Yizz Gang shot by Basikdakidd, We Video Visons. Young Hoffa is a rapper from Milwaukee who has been putting a lot of work in for the last 6 years. This is the first single off his debut album "1991" scheduled to drop the summer of 2017. Young Hoffa style of music is reality rap, life stories and expiration. The major influence on his rap career was inspired by Notorious Big. Rapping is just a hobby for some for Hoffa its part of life and the strength that keeps him going, here is what he had to say about choosing to rap vs the streets.

" I need this shit without it I'd be doing 25 to life or dead. This shit is healing for me, every song is my story and 100 percent me. I ain't never been about the fake shit, I want every person in the struggle to see that if a Motherfucker like I can make it out t anybody can. My best work i written, takes about twenty minutes cause it comes right from the heart".

Check out his latest single here featuring Yizzle Gang below and see the same guys making money trying to stack money and run up a check

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