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Nicki Minaj bows down to her knees while meeting Lauryn Hill

During Tidal X concert Nicki Minaj meet one of her favorite artist Lauryn Hill. When some people meet there idol a lot of different things happen, some faint, some cant talk, some scream, Nicki showed her love for Lauryn Hill by bowing in her presence. Nicki has been in the rap game for some time now, and meeting Ms. Hill showed us how much respect she has for the artist, she told her “I’m in love with you,” Nicki tells Hill while giving her a huge hug. “I’m in love with your spirit, your mind, everything about you".

After showing the legend love like no other, she took pictures and had a talk with Lauryn Hill, on Nicki insatgram post she stated that she told the rapper to keep spittin that fire. Hearing these words from a person on this level gots to have you feeling on top of the world. Here is a few photos the two took during there meeting

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