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2 Chainz Tells Paparazzi to Step His Camera Game Up

2 Chainz has become one of the biggest rappers in the world so as his ego. I

n this short clip 2Chainnz offer some advice to a camera man filming him during a show on the radio. The video was provided by TMZ and shows the rapper not holding his thoughts on a cheap camera.

He tells the man

"If you a hustler, get you a real camera when you filming me" . If that wasn't enough or the poor camera he also went on to say I ain't playin you like nothin", you playin me", " I'm trying to tell you when you holler at me man you gotta have your pixels up".

Maybe 2 Chainz wasn't being a dick but he did tell the guy if he plans on progressing in his career he needs to get a better camera.

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