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Thot King Found Guilty and Faces 15yrs In Jail

Rapper Thot King has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for making porn music videos with underage girls. Eric D. Chavis, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to produce child pornography, it is illegal to post photos of anyone under the age of 18 in nude photos or video.

Chavis more than 25 videos with underage girls, ages 16 and 17. he had started selling DVDs on the internet for $20 where he appear to be having sex with some of the young teens.

The judge said “These victims were all mature, but not of legal age,” “You trolled the Internet to entice underage performers to come and make music videos with you and others.”

One of the victims spoke with 10TV and said the following “My son was two when that happened to me. I was so afraid my son was going to see that I tried to end of my life,” the now 19-year-old victim said. She agreed to be in the video under one condition that she wouldn’t take off her clothes. The victim said he agreed at first.“He said ‘don’t you want to go home? Don’t you want to see your son?’”

Here's where thing take a turn and the victim blame the rapper for her decesion to take her cloths off and he said he would rape her. she said that the rapper said “You already get your pants off or do you want to get raped?”“I was a straight-A student, I was going to school and I dropped out school because of it.”

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