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Mouse Myers (aka Lil Mouse) - Get It (Official Audio)

Lil Mouse dropped some new fire with "Get It" produced by Gamble.

This track has no let up, the beat is up temp and goes into ultra bang. The song starts off smoth and Mouse rips the beat during every switch up.

The hook is full of slick lines "im headed to the riches i got two girls they kissing" "My pocket set on winning" This track is full of hot lines and stunting bars. " they not really cashing, they not really on" later stating "they say they dont like me but they play my songs"

If you didnt know Mouse got hella bands and about his money and he let everyone know he all about it in "Get It".

There is no time for games especially when your pocket set to ball no need to bend them blue hundreds. Money dont last forever but for some they where born to spend it

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