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Yuna – Mannequin

Yuna chapters is still going as she adds another one two her collection.

This is her third international studio release.

Yuna drops this new video afer "Places To Go," "Crush" with Usher," and "Unrequited Love," the Malaysian

singer gives the "Mannequin."

Here's what Yunga had to say about the making of the video.

“‘Mannequin’ is a story about two people in a relationship that has lost its spark,"

Yuna told Mass Appeal.

"I had two of my friends who were dancers to be in the video. Brian Oh, the director, captured the emotions and movements of the dancers so perfectly. The whole idea of it was to tell viewers that there is still hope. When two people had been in a relationship for a long time, there will always be that one common ground that will keep them running back to each other… for this couple, it’s music and dancing.”

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