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SMB Qwon x SMB Snacks - "Neva Cared" Shot by @DutchProductions + @A309Vision + @LDRVision.

Chicago artist, SMB Qwon drops music video for his single entitled "Neva Cared" featuring SMB Snacks, a collaboration that seems to mesh well together especially with both artists having good vocal ranges to sing and carry an Atlanta inspired beat.

Video Directors, DutchProductions, A309Vision, and LDRVision collaborate to personify the music video "Neva Cared" in which they pinpoint a classic Chicago moment through a clear 4k visual. The unity between each director is shown as their presentation delivers simple techniques to prove its effectiveness.

Overall, there should be an appreciation for artists and directors in Chicago when they team up to collaborate and accept that everybody goes through the same phases, so why not put in what you know with the people you trust to ultimately win together. Chicago stand up.

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