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TK The Producer Talks About Producing For PBG, FBG Duck, Chicago Music, Whats Next For Him, And More

Shibuya Tyson drops off its new interview with Chicago's very own TK The Producer., who works closely with north side artist PBG. During the interview as TK talks about his current production, what he has coming this summer, working with his good friend Chopp, who just moved to Chicago.

TK The Producer say's his favorite self produced track titled is "No Half Court Shootz 2," by PBG Trap and FBG Duck. The song came out just as the producer had wished, stating that "the song had a lot of meaning behind it."

Chicago started a big buzz back in 2010, that has influenced the sound of hip hop, TK gives he gave his opinion of the current state of Chicago music, and more. TK The Producer and Chopp had time to give us a preview of some new music that's coming soon.

Watch Shibuya Tyson Interview with TK The Producer below

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