Snap Dogg Calls Out Lil Durk Amidst 6ix9ine Beef

As of late, 6ix9ine has gone out of his way to call out several Chicago artists including Chief Keef, G Herbo, and even Lil Reese.

However, yesterday Lil Durk and 6ix9ine went on Instagram live to talk about the situation, and it seemed as though everything was cool between them:

This live-stream seemed to be misleading to a lot of people. Many were confused as to why Lil Durk was cool with 6ix9ine after he disrespected a handful of Chicago artists. Later on in the day, Durk took to Instagram live alone to clear the confusion about the situation, stating he was unaware of a lot of the things 6ix9ine was doing, and he at first thought it was a joke:

Detroit artist Snap Dogg wasn't very happy about Lil Durk talking to 6ix9ine, saying that he's interfering with beefs that have nothing to do with him:

He even took to Instagram live earlier today, saying that he wants to fight Durk, and that he never signed to OTF:

The spiral of events these past few days coming out the 6ix9ine and Chicago beef is almost hard to keep up with. It seems that there's almost a new addition of issues to the beef every day.

Credits to @rapcatchup for all videos included in this article.

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