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Kanye West Drops "ye"

Kanye has been getting a lot of buzz as of late. From his announcement that he is a firm Trump supporter and very confusing TMZ interview where he says "when you hear about slavery for 400 years... that sounds like a choice...", to his role in the Drake & Pusha T beef, he's been in the spotlight.

While Kanye has been pushing his idea of free thinking, positivity and love, it seems as though his overall message has been skewed and blurry, and both the media and people have been negatively responding to this message. Many have been questioning his sanity and well being for the lack of clarity in his message, yet, "ye" seems to have the goal of clarification.

The cover-art of the album, which says "I hate being Bi-Polar it's awesome" points to the symptoms of bi-polar disorder in a simplistic way. The sudden change of ones mood or emotions is represented in the title.

The album has a very intense intro titled, "I Thought About Killing You", where Kanye speaks about his self love, and how he loves himself more than you, yet he still thinks about killing himself, and ultimately if he thinks about killing himself - he thinks about killing you. He then proceeds to his verse, saying, "I called up my loved ones, I called up my cousins I called up the Muslims, said I'm 'bout to go dumb...". While this intro may cause more confusion about West than clarity, it highlights his personal demons, which are hard to understand. Yet, no one really understands others demons as well as their own.

The tracks contain lyrics that highlight Kanye's personal struggles consistently, and they all have unique samples, instruments, and each has their own vibe. "Ghost Town" features guitar riffs and live sounding drums. "No Mistakes " contains choir sounding singing. "Yikes" has both a turnt excited vibe in the verses, yet the hook has a sad vibe. His switch of emotions and vibes throughout the album may also point to the idea of bi-polar disorder.

It's rarely easy to correctly interpret a Kanye album, and while "ye" seems to follow this trend, it's obvious that Kanye is trying to clarify his overall message that he's been pushing recently. For many it may provide answers, and for others it may raise more questions, and for everyone it provides conversation.

Stream Kanye's new album "ye":

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