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Childish Gambino "This Is America"

Childish Gambino gets political on his latest video "This Is America," produced by Doomsday, Ibra Ake, and Fam Rothstein of Wolf Rothstein. The video grabs your attention as Childish Gambino dances around the room, whats behind him is what',s got everyone talking.

During the video Gambino is giving his point of view of America, with a lot of symbolism behind him as he dance. On part of the video Childish Gambino grabs a AK-47 machine gun and shoots up a group of people during the video, we later see what seems to be riot police running right after.

The song has over 20 million of views in last than 24 hours, the video has mixed reactions, some people like it, and some people didn't understand the video. No matter what anyone thinks, America, is still working on gun control, fixing its finace problems,

and race issues.

Watch Childish Gambino new video "This Is America" below by pressing play

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