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Smooth Kid Dino "Underrated" Album Out Now!!!

Smooth Kid Dino drops his first project of 2018, his new album "Underrated" has 12 new songs, featuring lead single "Prey 4 Me." The album features Tripstar, Storman Mac, Prince CEO, and close friend Young Affishal. The production for the "Under Rated" brought a lot different sounds, he worked with ChaseTheMoney, CashMoneyYap Ricorich, and more.

The intro to the album starts off with song "Pray For Me," while Smooth Kid is chasing a million dollars, hustling hard on the road, when you getting to the money everything else in life fall in line. On song "Yea" Dino switched up his style, speeding up his flow and brings the energy for the club banging beat.

Smooth Kid Dino isn't your regular Chicago rapper talking about murder and drugs, you can connect with Dino music more easily with his selection of songs choice. If your on your way out to the club "Party Wit Me," is the perfect song to prepare you to turn up. Smooth Kid stayed away from heavy auto-tune use he explores the sound in song "Choices."

Listen to Smooth Kid Dino new album "Underrated" below

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