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Versus Talks About Moving To America, Says "Chicago Music Changed My Life," Experiencing T

Versus is a Chicago producer who moved to America in 2015 from his home town in Romania to chase his dreams of being a producer. Versus says his greatest experience he's ever felt so far in life is moving to America. Being from a different country he perceive America as a whole different world.

Growing up as a young teen he listened to local artist, when Versus turned 18 years old he fell in love with Chicago music. 2012, was so important to Versus he said that year changed his life. Chief Keef took the world by storm, the story he told was so powerful that Versus became infatuated with the Chicago's Drill music scene.

He loved Chicago music so much he brought Chief Keef's "Finally Rich" album and was inspired by Young chop productions to become a producer.

Versus talks about being very excited to come to Chicago, Illinois, before moving he wished he would have thought about the risk he was taking to chase his dream before going.

Versus doesn't regret his decision to move to Chicago, he expresses that he's willing to risk his life to handle his business in the Chicago music culture. Versus has been in Chicago for over two years, he also, admits he's dealt with some very dangerous situations.

Being from Romania he says a regular person from his home town wouldn't survive in Chicago. He gave his honest opinion on the violence in Chicago, he thinks it's gang members mind sets that's effecting the music culture and the city.

Watch Versus interview with Shibuya Tyson below

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