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Rich Laurel Featuring Shawnna and Mikey Dollarz "Never Been A Vic"

Rich Laurel drops his brand new single titled "Never Been A Vic" featuring Shawnna, and Mikey Dollarz. Rich Laurel likes to work on his own music and produces his own new song.

Rich Laurel is feeling his self on this new track, ladies love Richie while he's living it up, eyes open for the haters, Rich Laurel says he's not a vic. The word refers to being a person of no character, someone easy to get over on.

Mikey Dollarz kicks off the first verse "I need that money right now," with out money how can you live life, Rich Laurel is wanted man by the ladies, he isn't passing up on who he wants.

"I'm gone hit the mall with your broad spend it all, she might not get nothing still she gone suck me till I'm out"

The veteran Mc Shawnna blasted the track with her signature style of rap, representing Chicago to fullest on Never Been A Vic. Shawnna started her career as a member of the female Chicago rap duo Infamous Syndicate. She signed to Def Jam South through Ludacris' Disturbing Tha Peace Records.

Listen to Rich Laurel's new song "Never been A Vic" featuring Shawnna and Mikey Dollarz

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