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Charger Featuring Wildstyle Of Crucial Conflict "I Want It"

Wildstytyle of Crucial Conflict is back with a new produce song with artist Charger for 2018, titled 'I Want It." When your hustling everyday to better yourself you don't have time to really enjoy yourself, money only gone come to you if you go and get it.

The song touches deep into the stress of living among living with robbers, thieves, killers, and backstabbers. When so much going on in Chicago the best thing is to is try and get some money, handle your responsibility, with so much gun fire and people dying.

Charger lyrics gave a great insight into the life of living in Chicago, with lyrics that paint a picture of his life in Chicago.

"I gotta stay strong the streets like the jungle, they're eat you alive that's why I gotta stay humble, they taking people out like the world rumble, hit you so hard make you fumble."

Wildstyle catches people up on what he got going on in life, mentions having kids, back making beats and living life avoiding the system. The beat has a great sound with the hook it reminds me of sonic, as both rappers rap about living life getting to the coins.

Listen Charger new song featuring Wildstyle "I Want It" below

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