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COPA Finds "No Evidence" To Support Chicago Police Officer Robert Rialmo’s Story In The fa

In 2017 Chicago police officer Robert Rialmo shot and killed Quintonio LeGrier after a 911 call to the residence for a disturbance..

Rialmo responded to the scene and seen Quintonio, Rialmo claimed LeGrier, 19, swung a baseball bat at him.

According to COPA investigators they found “no evidence” to support Rialmo’s story. No evidence was proven to support the story that any of the shots he fired on Dec. 26, 2015 were necessary.

Quintonio LeGrier mother waited two years to prove to the world that her son didn't attack Mr. Rialmo.

“I’m hoping to clear his name and I want everyone to see what I know: that he’s a good person and he did the right thing,” Cooksey said. “You don’t call the police three times and then try to attack them when they come. I hope that’s proven so everyone can know what I know.”

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