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ShibuyaTyson Interview: Hittz says "At 13 I wanted To Be A Kingpin Or Rap Superstar" &quot

ShibuyaTyson is back with a new interview with Chicago's very own Hittz. Hittz is one of the original members and pioneers of the Chicago rap group League Boi.

Hittz talks about being determine at age 13 to become someone great, how he meet Smylez in high school, and the two spit bars with each other the first time they meet.

The Chicago music scene has had its share of artist make a impact with music and later be killed by gun violence due to street beef. Hitts is a while known artist who says his name is well respected in Chicago.

Hittz grew up with rappers 600Breezy and S.Dot who are also among popular Chicago rappers, Hittz says that he want let Chicago beef or music hurt none of his personal relationships.

Watch Hittz interview with ShibuyaTyson below

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