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ShibuyaTyson Exclusive Interview With Papa Doobio

Shibuyatyson is back with another exclusive interview this time with videographer Papa Doobio. Papa Doobio has risen among the ranks of videographers in Chicago he's working closely with Forman James, shot videos with many Glo Gang artist, and he's showing you how much hard work pays off.

Papa Doobio stopped by AON Studio's we discuss how he got the name Papa Doobio, growing up in Chicago, not knowing the real environment in the hood at a early age, skating with how he got star Chaz Ortiz.

Papa Doobio opened up on how he got his first start in the music industry, he gave advice for those who are looking to working in filming.

Being a camera man working behind scenes I asked Papa Doobio his thoughts on how hard producers, videographers, engineers work to not get as much credit or pay as artist for their creative thoughts.

Check out part 1 of interview with Papa Doobio below

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