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BlackJezuss Talks Going To Jail For 10 Months From A Bogus Case, Spits The Freestyle He Wrote From J

I caught up with BlackJezuss in AON studios where he was recording a new song titled "Back." BlackJezuss says he's working on mastering his sound and more happy about life. Just over five years ago Black was on living the street life where he caught a gun charge that eventually changed his life. His story is unique on how life can be different once your ready to reach a certain level of change in life.

BlackJezuss is now among the top buzzing artist in Chicago after dropping songs such as "Get Money Boy,"Ridin Round" ft OG Maco, "Stoves on 14th" ft Trippie Red, "Broke" Featuring Famous Dex to name a few.

BlackJezuss spent 10 months fighting a case where the police created a case on him that violated his parole and force him to spend time behind bars at Stateville Correctional Center. Stateville Correctional Center is a maximum security state prison for men in Illinois right outside of Chicago. Being at Stateville upset him and made him write a rap about his situation and pushed him to take rapping more serious. After getting out of jail he signed a deal in 2016.

Check out BlackJezuss rap that he wrote behind bars at Stateville Correctional Center.

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