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Chance the Rapper Gives A 17 Year Old Terminally Ill Teen Coldplay Tickets, Coldplay Gives Her Inspi

Chance the Rapper made a terminally ill teenager's wish come true by scoring her tickets to see Coldplay, her favorite band, perform at Soldier Field in Chicago. Heidi Hernandez is a 17 year old, who has been battling a terminal disease since she was 3 years old. Chance got her the best seats in the house she attended the concert in her club seating with her boyfriend, Jorge.

She said the band's music helped her through tough times and hopes that one day she can meet lead singer, Chris Martin.

"I got into a really bad depression where I wouldn't even be able to go to school. And I just started listening to Coldplay's music and it made me feel a lot better," she said.

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