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It's Murder!!! Irv Gotti Announces Murder Inc. Partnership With 300 Entertainment

Irve Gotti said he was restarting his label a few months ago and detail about his deal is now emergeing. Irv has signed a deal with 300 Entertainment which happens to be one of the hottest labels right now in the new era. 300 have acts such as Young Thug, Fetty Wap and new signer Tee Grizzle. Irv spoke recently and said

“Me. Lyor Cohen and Kevin Liles. Back at it again. Everyone get ready for some dope music. And everyone get ready for TALES. June 27th. On BET. Everything I am about to give to the world is dope. Believe In It!! #murderinc #visionaryideas #tales #comingjune27th #boogiiebyrd #fittedcircle,” Gotti isnt waising anytime signing artist, he has signed Boogiie Byrd and a duo by the name of Fitted Circle, two acts from Washington, D.C. and St. Louis, respectively. Both acts pose with Gotti in the image attached to the post.Read More: Irv Gotti Announces Murder Inc. Partnership With 300 Entertainment

Months ago when Irv was on Instagram when he first made his announcement he talked about how things was when he was running the rap game, one gotta wonder if Irv got everything he need for his return to the top and the spotlight.

“While I had to regroup from the Feds coming after me. Had to plot and plan and fall back while I watched everyone else eat. I watched gracefully. I applauded and congratulated everyone who deserved it.”

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