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New Troy Ave On The Way "Dope Boy Troy" Vol. 2: NuPac

Earlier this week during a apperance on Breakfast Club Troy Ave compared his self to 2 Pac, one of the greatest rappers to make it to the next level. 2 Pac is a legend and Troy says he will name his next project "Dope Boy Troy" Vol. 2: NuPac. He did go on record and say media outlets took what he said and made it bigger than what he ment.

“A few media outlets with hidden agendas against us real ones done twisted what i said, and thru lemons in hopes of covering & preventing my true message from gettin thru to the masses!” Troy wrote on Friday (April 7). “Well ya Dope Boy Troy gon twist those into Lemonade & Serve it Cold! The Hate can’t effect me cause I’m fearless, dedicated, faithful & righteous! Never Wait out the storm Y’all! Go Dance in The Rain With that said on Friday April 14th Ima drop this [Street Album] titled: Dope Boy Troy (vol.2) #NuPac! I’m airing everybody tha fuk out! ….. These Ain’t No Photoshopped Pictures, This My Real Life.”

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