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A Man Name Fuzz Was Arrested Days After Pointing A Gun At Fetty And Posing With His ‘1738’ Chain

Fetty Wap and his crew got into a shootout leaving one of the victims struggled to escape, before collapsing in a bloody scene. People who seen the man shot said that the man fell and started moaning until police located him. A total of 3 people suffered gunshot wounds during the battle.

This all began in a Deli where Fetty Wap visit at least once a week according to the store employee, this time someone inside the store got into it with Fetty Wap or someone in his camp and a struggle or fight took place. In the video below a man is seen holding a gun as the rapper Fatty Wap run for cover.

Fetty's rival, Raheem Thomas, known as Fuzz, was arrested for gun possession and assault ... but police have not said if he actually fired during the shootout. He was the only person shown clearly holding a weapon during a fight moments before the shooting started.

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