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Sources Reportedly Fear Mental Health Issues With Nick Cannon

After Nick Cannon told NBC executives he was done hosting with America’s Got Talent the host/actor/rapper started cutting ties with AGT long time members of his team publicist Alla Plotkin and agent Chris Smith.

Thisis what Nick said during a Black Lives Matter event.

“At this point right now, my focus is working with my community. Television is a small part of what I do,” “They thought it was a major asset in my life, but it really isn’t.”

Now that the situation is all over social media someone from his camp said that Nick isnt his self and may need help

The source said he “got really into religion,” wears robes and a turban and refers to himself as “Reverend Dr. Cannon.” Apparently he isn’t attached to a specific religion so much as a general spirituality.

We will be bringing you up to date details about what happens next with Nick Cannon

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