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Famous Dex Responds To Famous Irv Dissing Him "You Aint Ever Gone Hear A Diss Track From Me&quo

Famous Dex responds to Irv a.k.a Famous Irv interview with Chicago's interviewer Zack Tv. Irv went on to say that Famous Dex did not reach out to him after the fame and has become a new person.

Famous Dex seen the interview and to my surprise agreed to a few statements but said it more of his old friends turning on him after he came into some money.

“We don’t do the diss songs, baby,” Dex said. “What I’m dissing you for, Irv? What you do to me? Nothing besides don’t want to talk to a motherfucker. You ain’t want to put your pride to the side and call me. I ain’t leave you alone.”

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