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Rico Recklezz Vs Kyyngg, Rico Calls Kyyngg Gay and Kyyngg Calls him A fake Gangster

The new bad boy of hip hop is engage with another social media beef with New Orleans rapper Kyyngg. The bad boy in mind is Chicago's very own Rico Recklezz, who was just threaten by Soulja Boy. Soulja Boy put 100 thousands dollars on Rico life a few weeks ago after the two went back and forward on twitter.

Rico posted on Instagram that Kyyngg was trying to reach out to him, Rico thought felt Kyyngg rap is weak and blasted him also saying the raper is a wanna be Young Thug and called him gay.The bad boy posted the messeages between the two and by the look of the first line it went all wrong. The first text we see is by Kyyngg who says "Gimmie Yo ## BABYGIRL." Kyyngg threaten Rico after he said he will pull up on Kyyngg. Rico cant stay out of beef, hope he know that the labels is watching.

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