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Soulja Boy Talks Rico Recklezz With TMZ

Soulja Boy has been in and out of beef since he been a child star, and he has caught his self in some beef that isnt going away. TMZ talked to Soulja about the tweets he sendt out about the Chicago rapper who name is Rico Recklezz.

“I don’t do beef,” Rico said. “I’m not beefing with nobody. I’m getting money. Right now, I’m going to Dubai. I’m about to make a $100,000 cash. I don’t beef bro. My album dropping Nov. 18, ‘Real Soulja For Life.’ I just signed a million dollar deal. I just made $500,000 just off selling my shoes. We ain’t worried about no beef. I ain’t even never heard of these dudes.”

Soulja Boy wrote on twitter that he would give the person who killed Rico Recklezz 100 thousands dollars cash stating that the rapper would not make it out of Chicago alive in 2016.

“That was a joke,” he said. “That was not serious. That was taken out of context. Them tweets was deleted. I just signed a million dollar deal. I’m not worried about no beef. God blessed me. I’m on my way to Dubai. Somewhere they’d never go.”

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