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Nick Cannon Says Drake Isn't A Lyricist

Nick Cannon known for his music career, acting career and his show “Wild ‘N Out” says he have a baby on the way. The woman carrying his baby name is Brittany Bell who was a former beauty queen. Nick also said hebwrote for Kayne West in the past. He didnt say what all songs he helped on but he did give us lyrics he wrote for two songs.

He said he wrote on Rhymefest’s Blue Collar single “Brand New.” “I ain’t never wrote no smashes, but I’ve been in the Kanye camps early on,” he said. “I was there doing ‘Gold Digger.’ I wrote the bar for Kanye: ‘We don’t need to stunt / I make black history every day, I don’t need a month.’ That was me. Kanye’s bar. Stuff like that. That’s why I love Kanye and his movement because he knows how to make great music, great songs. That ego doesn’t get into the art form. He’s like, ‘If somebody say something dope, let’s get to it.’ Being a part of that process, I’ve learned so much from him in making songs because…anybody can get in front of a mic and spit bars, but to create a song, that’s a true talent.”

During the interview he was also asked how did he feel about Drake's rapping skills. “If you put Drake up against somebody bar for bar, like, ‘Go off of your arsenal, not your team’s arsenal, what you got against another person who raps for a living,’ I’m not gonna go with Drake,” he explained. “Not as an MC. I need to see him. You see him at SMACK [Ultimate Rap League] battles and they’re like, ‘Yo, what’s poppin’?’ He don’t want that. That’s fine. That’s not for everybody. That’s not his sport. He’s a great songwriter, probably one of the best artists of our time, but as a lyricist, I can’t give him that.”

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