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Marijuana legalization: California, Nevada, Florida voters say yes but Arizona rejects

California citizens voted to approved recreational use of marijuana Tuesday as other states, including Nevada and Florida, expanded legal access to the drug.

Voters in Florida, Arizona, Nevada and North Dakota have also passed marijuana measures Tuesday. Collectively, it's the closest the U.S. has ever come to a national referendum on marijuana.

With California "yes" vote, recreational cannabis will be legal along the entire West Coast, giving the legalization movement powerful momentum. With the vote of the yes this could make efforts in other states to put pressure on federal authorities to ease longstanding rules that classify marijuana as a dangerously addictive drug with no medical benefits.

According to national polls, a solid majority of Americans support legalization. Gallup's latest survey gauged support at 60 percent, up from 14 percent from when the question was first posed in 1969. Gallup says 13 percent of U.S. adults currently report using marijuana, nearly double the percentage who reported using pot in 2013.

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