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JDOnThaTrack Exclusive Interview with ShibuaTyson

Who is JDOnThaTrack?

JDOnThaTrack was born (João in Portuguese) Duarte, from Brazil. JDOnThaTrack been producing music for 4 years and is among the most talented producers in the game right now. His first big placement record he produced was with Yung Lan for the song "Ha Ha Ha" for Washington rapper Fat Trel. JDOnThaTrack is now Fat Trel personal producer who is signed to MMG with Rick Ross.

JD production list includes Fat Trel, Lil Reese, Rick Ross, Soulja Boy, Shy Glizzy, ToniRomiti, Tray Savage, Lud Foe, Ralo, Mozzy, Chief Keef, GloGang, OTF, SBSB, MMG, BWA and many more. I caught up with JDOnThaTrack to talk about his journey and what music he's currently working on, and how he can help you enhance your skills.

1. What's up how you doing today?

Im good

2. How old are you?


3. How long have you been making beats?

4 years

4. What program do you use to make beats?

I use Fl Studio

5.. What inspired you to start making beats?

I always loved music so that's what really inspired me. The passion I have for this.

6. Who are some of the artist you produced for?

I produced for Rick Ross, Shy Glizzy, Soulja Boy, Mozzy, Lil Reese, Tray Savage, Ralo, Fat Trel, Rich Homie Quan, SD, & much more

7. How hard did you work to reach the level of success you have right now?

I worked really hard everyday. It wasn't easy to get where I'm at right now.

8. Do you have any in house artist that you always produce for?

No...I don't. I work with everybody that wants to work with me

9. How good was the first beat you sold for some cash?

It was a long time ago, but the beat was perfect in my opinion. It was a trap type beat

10. Who are some artist you would like to work with in the feature?

I want to work with Drake, Gucci Mane, Young Thug, Migos, Fetty Wap, 21 Savage, & more.

11. How much have things in your life has change since you had great placements and working with well known artist?

It was a big change in my life, It was great. I'm grateful for that and I thank God everyday.

12. What songs can we be looking out for in the feature that you produced that's not out yet?

Some by Chief Keef, Montana Of 300, SD, Rich Homie Quan, Fat Trel, Lil Flash, Will Tha Rapper, & more

13. Do you have any advice for upcoming producers?

Just keep working really hard. Don't try to copy other producers, have your own style, your own type beats. Be dedicated, work on your craft daily. Believe in yourself, that you can accomplish everything in your life. Don't let nobody say you can't do this or that. You can do and accomplish whatever you want since you work really hard for it.

14. How can producers or fans contact you?

They can contact me by email, Instagram DM, or tweeting me.

15. Do you plan on making and drum kits for sale for other producers?

I got my drum kit for sale. It's called ''JD On Tha Track Drum Kit Vol. 1''. If any producer want it, just hit me up. I got exclusive sounds that I use in my beats on that.

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