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Nipsey Hussle Criticizes The Game and Meek Mill for Beefing

Nipsey Hustle shared his opinion about rap beef, especially the tension beyween Meek Mill and The Game. Nipsey didnt hold anything back in during his twitter rant.

He calls this beef something that could be avoided and handle like grown men.

Here is what Nipsey had to say about The Game and Meek beef. The two beef apparently is over the robbery of Sean Kingston. Kingston was abused in a club, where he was hit with a bottle and had his jewelry taken.

Game claims Meek Mill accused him and his goons being responsible for what took place to the police. That didnt sit good with Game and took to social media to diss meek, on wax on stage and he also threaten his life.

Meek responed with his own diss record. This is some new beef and only time will tell the outcome.

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