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Netherfreinds x Shibuya Tyson Exclusive Interviews

I caught up with Netherfriends and he gave me a couple minutes of his busy schedule to answer some questions and let his fans know what he's been up to

1. How's everything everthing going with you right now?

Everything is going great! I currently live in Austin, TX. I was on tour non stop without a permeant home since 2010 and just stopped touring in November. I've been making a new album every month and smoking way too much tree. I haven't been playing as many shows, but living off my Spotify plays and paintings.

2. Nerherfriends is a one man band, How do you get the most out of your audience when your performing live?

I go pretty crazy when I perform. I make all my beats live using loop pedals, guitar, drums, bass, and my vocals. I try my best to make the show interesting.

3. Do you ever freestyle during live shows?

Yeah, I usually invite rappers on stage to rap over some improvised beats.

4. Name a couple of artist who influence you to chase your dreams

Madlib, Andy Warhol, Fugazi and Vincent Gallo

5. What artist or producer you would love to work with that you havent yet?

Pretty much every Chicago artist.

6. What was the inspiration behind swish with Blake

Blake lives in San Antonio so he comes up to Austin every weekend and we just came up with a crazy idea of making an album with really short songs under a minute long. Kanye was originally gonna call his Album swish but changed it the Life of Pablo

7. You have a unique way of creating music do you ghost write or co- write songs for other artist?

I helped Blake with a couple rap lines today, but nah, I'm trying to make music for myself because I'm selfish haha

8. You must be working hard right now, you hinted on twitter you will be dropping a mixtape every month next year, any names for those mixtapes?

I've been dropping a new album every month this year. Next week I'm dropping my 9th full length album this year called Country Trap. It's a country album about how much America sucks and all the drums are trap beats. Next month is a jazz album called Trash that was recording live yesterday in my living room. All the drums on the album are pieces of trash that I collected this month. Next year I'm dropping mixtapes of different artists I sample. The first one is a Beatles sample album with Blake.

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