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G Herbo- ‘Ain’t Nothing To Me’

G Herbo gives us a new one called "Ain't Nothing To Me"produced by his in house producer Dj L.

This song reflects his bank account then and now.

Lil Herb says it changed his ways but money still dont mean anything, since he been getting money he says in the song i still need it.

G Herbo sent a twitter out saying he will be dropping a lot of music before the end of the year.

He said his debut album "Humble Beast" is coming this year. He has big plans for 2016, visuals, records, and his long-awaited debut album.

"You can definitely expect an album in 2016," he said. "On the low, within a six month radius... maybe." He revealed that the album is entitled "Humble Beast". There is no set date yet everybody is waiting and just gotta be humble like Herbo....

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