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March 14, 2020

Shibuya Tyson caught up with Kid Wond3r to get hear journey to success, and discuss his plans for 2020.

Kid Wond3r rose to fame with Chicago superstar rapper Lud Foe, with their hit single "Cuttin Up."

Kid Wond3r has been putting in work, branding his name in the rap industry, being influenced by his...

March 13, 2020

Juice Da Savage is back with new music titled ""True To The Game," directed by ldr.vision.

Being gangster is not a lifestyle for most citizens when it comes to death or living in a jail cell.

Juice Da Savage says he's 100% in and if you live this lifestyle you must be true to the game.

Watch Juice Da S...

March 5, 2020

Queen Envi is living life up with her new love in her latest video "Got A Bag," directed by rozgoldg.

When it comes to relationships things can become complicated that cause a split, Queen Envi lets it be known that you must take care of business at home. 

Watch Queen Envi new video "Got A Bag" b...

February 15, 2020

Chief Keef drop a new single for Valentines Day 2020 titled "Shawty Say She Love / Colors," produced by ZaytovenBeatz.

Chief Keef sticks with his original video format as him and the Glo Gang turn up in his house in the game room area, shot and directed by ColourFulmula.

When it comes to love its a ha...

February 11, 2020

Chicago artist White Lyfe drops his brand new video "Anxiety" featuring Freddie Gibbs, directed by DepTV and White Lyfe.

When your in the streets everyday it's a life or death situation that can change in a flash,.

White Lyfe and Freddie Gibbs hooked up to give you their point of view when anxiety kic...

February 5, 2020

ColdHeart and Rawska hooked up for this new banger "Center Of The Room" produced by Anvil, and directed by David Zabriskie.

This new single gives out a message of hope to those who don't understand the importance of time and the feeling of love.

Watch ColdHeart and Rawska "Center Of The Room" below by...

February 5, 2020

Japan artist A Thug flew to America to make some fire music, he hooked up with Chicago Asian rapper Bruce for his latest video "Asian Up."

The song "Asian Up" was produced and shot by Dj Kenn who is also Asian which make this song the perfect collaboration.

This world is full of love but ran by money,...

February 4, 2020

Shibuya Tyson stepped out for some fun during the QTB Collective show with special guest Juice Da Savage, sounds by Dj Kenn, Preme, and Dj MArBabyYoca. 

The QTB show was epic, Shibuya Tyson along with Ldr Vision captured Jucie Da Savage live on stage performing while he got the crowd amp up....

January 28, 2020

Dream Chaser artist Calboy is living it up in his brand new video for "Bring 'Em Out" Freesyle.

Calboy and his crew is moving like a unit on a mission for the cash, doing what ever to protect the future.

Watch Calboy new video "Bring 'Em Out" below by pressing play

January 28, 2020

Pretty Gal Sy is back in action ready for war with her brand new video "Free Smoke," directed by G Knox Films.

Sy new song "Free Smoke" was produced by Chicago producer Chase N Dough, her in house producer who is known for his creative beats. 

Pretty Gal Sy lets it all out in the weight room gett...

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